Following Your Intuition

Do you question it? Do you wonder if maybe it might be sniffing something it shouldn't be? Do you ignore it entirely or just filter it as craziness that your mind makes up?

Following Your Intuition

Do you follow your intuition?

Do you question it? Do you wonder if maybe it might be sniffing something it shouldn't be? Do you ignore it entirely or just filter it as craziness that your mind makes up?

When I talk to people that struggle with their intuition, the thing I hear the most is that they don't get intuitive messages very often or that they struggle with getting the message at all.

When I first started healing, my intuition turned on at the same time. What I did was actively work on learning to hear my intuition. That didn't necessarily mean I would listen to it, but at least I would be able to hear it.

The way I worked on my intuition was using tarot and reading intuitively. If you've ever seen me do a tarot reading, I don't allow the cards to reverse. I keep the cards upright. It forces me to read intuitively and figure out where the reversals need to be. This was one of the ways that I actively tried to tune into my intuition early on.

These days hearing my intuition is not a problem, but that doesn't mean I don't argue with it. This has come down to my sense of power and autonomy within myself. When I get intuitive guidance I tend to want to take it at face value and then reject or accept it based on that. I've never thought about tweaking it to make myself feel better about the guidance that I was getting.

I got offered a message to share early this morning on TikTok and I decided that I needed to have a shower before I could share that message. I wasn't going to record a video with my bed head going on. I wasn't objecting to the message, but timing and physical appearance were semi-important and so I just had the shower before recording the message.  There was a time where I would have just abandoned the message because I didn't want to do it immediately when it was offered.

Then a little while later they offered me the idea that I should start to talk about social issues. I have a love hate relationship with social issues. Me adding my egoic opinion to the ever-growing chorus of opinions on social media will not change a thing. It won't matter. The idea of using what little platform I have as a means of engaging in social debate is not appealing to me at all. But there is a place for self-awareness in those debates and maybe that's where I come in.

I don't need to engage in the egoic arguments and opinions but I do have a way of seeing some of the challenges that we're facing a little differently. I can teach people to recognize the ego in their arguments. I can teach people to recognize the pain in themselves and others. I can teach people to create a relationship with their ego so that they don't have to be so identified with their individual opinions. I can use social issues as a way to teach ego, pain, and compassion. That is what I'm going to do.

Now once again, this is a departure from what I was originally offered intuitively. Normally, I would just reject the original idea outright and not even think to tweak it. Tweaking things to make them balance and make sense for me was never an option because I wasn't allowed to do those things. That wasn't my place. My opinion or idea was never good enough. Everything had to be accepted the way it was handed to me. I treated my intuition very much the same way. Today, the message has been quite simple. It's okay to tweak what we offer you. It's not an all or nothing system.

Needless to say I've had a few pats on the head today for my ability to take on the intuitive guidance and tweak it slightly to allow myself to move forward with it. I always had the power, I just never thought I was allowed. I kept trying to follow the rules and I just didn't realize that those rules I was trying to follow were in my head. I made them up. They are a story. They aren't true.

I can tweak intuitive guidance to make it easier to follow and you can too. You don't have to reject it outright. You can find a way to make easier to manage. You can listen to it and find a way to work towards getting there, even if you don't get all the way there immediately.

Sometimes intuitive guidance is a little bit cryptic. It's not always completely obvious what they want. And sometimes the intuitive guidance is so far from where we are in the moment, that we can't get there at all. All of that is okay.

Your intuition is meant to be a collaborative effort. It's your guidance system offering you ideas of how to get to where you want to go and how to reach your own goals. Your only job is to listen to that and do the best you can to follow it. If you need to tweak it, that's okay too. You can tweak it. It doesn't have to be all or none.

If you think about it, your intuitive guidance gets tweaked too. As you learn something new or heal something or end a cycle, your guidance changes. It is being tweaked all the time, just not by you.

Learning to listen to and trust your intuition comes with time. It takes practice. You have to have some control over your thinking so that your mind doesn't just filter out the guidance without you ever knowing about it. The mind will guard the door if you're not monitoring what's happening. Paying attention to yourself is one of the biggest keys you have to being able to hear, understand, and follow your intuition effectively.

It's not a perfect system. There will be mistakes. You will miss things. But as long as you keep doing the best you can and you stay open to what comes through, you're well on your way to gaining the kind of intuitive clarity that you've been looking for.

Love to all.