The Shift to 5D and The Inevitable Split

I wrote a post about how things like racism, homophobia, and hate speech were all forms of pain. This is pain that's easy to recognize. People easily see that there is a lot of fear behind these things. It's the fear that gets people to do or say things they wouldn't normally do or say.

The Shift to 5D and The Inevitable Split

I haven't written a blog since November. Oops. I have been making programs instead of writing. I've added three new things to my list and I think it's time to go back to writing now, maybe. hahaha One never knows around here.

Anyway, I lost a bunch of followers on Facebook yesterday and I'm not upset by that. I want to tell you why.

I wrote a post about how things like racism, homophobia, and hate speech were all forms of pain. This is pain that's easy to recognize. People easily see that there is a lot of fear behind these things. It's the fear that gets people to do or say things they wouldn't normally do or say.

The challenging part of the post was when I offered people the idea that blocking, censoring, banning, and deleting was also a pain response. My goal was to challenge the long-standing idea that the best way to deal with racism and hate speech is to simply shut it down.

How long have we been trying to shut down racism and hate?
Has it worked?
Are we there yet?

We've been trying to shut this down for years and it has yet to solve the problem of racism in the workplace. It has yet to solve the problem of wage inequality. It has yet to stop people from blowing each other up. It hasn't fixed school shootings either. If simply trying to shut it down solved the problem, I wouldn't have to write this blog. It's not working.

There has a been an atrocious amount of banning and blocking on social media over the last few years. What did that accomplish? We now have Truth Social and Parler instead. Elon Musk now owns Twitter. We forced people to create their own platforms because we didn't want to see their pain. We were too busy being offended by it so we tried to ban it. Look how well that worked.

We created that, my friends. We created that because we refused to try something different. We refused to give up on this strategy of banning and blocking that clearly doesn't work. Why do we refuse to do that? Because we don't want to admit that we have a problem too. We tried to take the moral high ground, and in doing so, we ran aground.

What is our problem? Yes, I'm talking to the banners and blockers of the world. Why do we feel this pain? It's rooted in the ego's need to defend itself. The problem is that often we're not actually being attacked. It's not that anything is happening to us personally. It's that we feel like we should be offended by it or that we need to protect the people around us from harm.

There is a difference between being individually attacked at the personal level and the collective sense of defensiveness that's gotten us to where we are now. When it's one-on-one, one person blocking another is generally not a problem. You're allowed to defend yourself as an individual when somebody comes at you directly. There is no issue with that.

Where we got into trouble was this collective sense of defensiveness that looks more like people taking sides. We're not just taking sides anymore, now we're trying to block out the other side entirely. We've banned the other side from social media, to the point now where they're creating their own world. We've created a division that will inevitably cause a societal collapse. It's not personal anymore, it's collective and it's a problem.

I remember 3 or 4 years ago talking about the idea that society would divide. This was in reference to 5G and the information or misinformation that was coming up around it. I predicted at the time that society would divide itself up based on those beliefs. I was partially correct.

What ultimately happened was that society divided itself up along conspiracy theory lines in general which are conveniently, though not surprisingly, parallel to political lines. We did, in fact, fracture in half as a society. We created the divide I saw coming back then. The divide is now getting stronger and deeper. Each side is getting more entrenched in their pain. Both sides are in pain folks, however they are expressing it very differently.

I'm starting to talk about this again because to say we have a problem, doesn't even begin to cover it. Societal collapse is coming. Why? Because of the parallel with the political system. If society divides and the fracture becomes deep enough, the political system will have to collapse and divide as well in order to mirror what's happening in the population. The government is a mirror, it's a reflection of society. The division you see in the political system mirrors the division that's happened in society and also on social media. It's all reflecting the same thing.

I'm trying to show you this so that you can see what's coming. The fracture is necessary. We are splitting up the folks that will stay in 3D/4D from the folks that will move into 5D. Remember? I talked about this years ago. We know that not everybody will transition to 5D. You're starting to see where the split will be.

What's the problem? Both sides are in pain. So, regardless of which side you believe is moving towards 5D, the pain has to be healed first before the transition will complete. You can't take your pain with you. We have to quit reacting to pain with more pain. The only way to help everybody get to 5D is to acknowledge and get okay with the pain the other side offers. We have to quit the argument.

We still have the power to come together and heal each other. We still have the power to do the work. How bumpy the ride is, is totally up to how entrenched you are in your position and whether or not you're willing to see the illusion for what it is, regardless of which version of it you're looking at.

We're being shown the pain. It's in technicolor right now. But because everybody is so bothered and offended by all the pain, the trench just keeps getting deeper. The wall gets higher. Neither side will move to 5D until they are able to heal completely. They are going to have to stop being offended by the other side if they want to transition. Nobody is going anywhere right now, although there may be individuals on either side who keep a foot in 5D, reality is stuck in a 3D/4D space.

The goal for those that are maintaining a foot in 5D is to recognize the illusion of the 3D/4D spaces they play in. Trying to shut it out by disowning society is still a pain response. You have to be able to play in those other spaces and maintain your 5D footing. That's not easy but that's what those folks are learning how to do. The 5D space is not a fragile space. If you're still getting knocked out of it by the reality around you, that means there is still healing to do within yourself.

Regardless of which camp you decide to hang out in, this is what we're working with. The fear and pain on both sides needs to stop. We have to begin to accept each other again if we intend to move as a collective. Otherwise, the split is inevitable and it will be painful for everybody. The more work you do within yourself, the less fear and pain you hang on to, the easier it will be. It's still going to be hard to watch regardless, but it can be managed.

I am encouraging those of us that can do it to stop blocking each other, to start listening to each other, and to extend the olive branch out to the other side. We're not trying to convince anybody of anything or change anybody's mind, we're simply trying to learn how to get along with each other again. Learning to do that will make the whole thing easier for everybody.

Love to all!