Transparency Ahead

I'm going to use all these topics to start asking questions and identify stories. Am I going to trigger your fears? Probably. But honestly that's kind of the point. If I trigger your fear it's an opportunity for you to question the fear.

Transparency Ahead

If I'm going to start talking about the bigger issues in the world, then it's important that I'm transparent about where I generally stand as a human being. So, I'm going to do that in this post. But I want to do something else first because it's important to clarify some things.

First, yes I have my own individual opinions and ideas on the major political issues in the world today. While I'm not here to convince you to believe what I believe, it's also difficult to hide what I believe when I talk about these things. As much as I will try to stay more neutral and "get out of things" as it were, you're still going to be able to figure out where I stand on a given issue. The reality is that you can apply what I offer to any viewpoint because really my goal is not to convert you but to have you question things for yourself, regardless of your own viewpoint.

There are two ways of looking at everything. The first is the individual viewpoint which I'm going to have a hard time hiding sometimes. The second is the higher level truth behind what's happening. Without going down a big huge rabbit hole, what's happening right now is the acknowledgement, recognition, and healing of all the fear we have in society. Many of these topics aren't easy and there are no obvious answers to them even when you are able to filter out a lot of the fear and pain.

One of my goals is to help you begin to question what you see, not to give you answers, but to allow you to use those questions to identify where you might be holding onto your own pain. This is a process that's been happening for me over the last few years. As I've shifted pain within myself it's shifted my viewpoints on some topics. Yes, some of my political beliefs were based on my own pain. I didn't see the connection until after the beliefs had already changed.

Another goal I have is to help you filter out the fear and see the pain in the world around you on a bigger scale. When you read a news article or listen to somebody offering their opinions on things, look for the pain and the fear. Where are they holding onto pain and fear and how is that affecting their viewpoint?

Most of the commentary that I've come across is fear-based commentary. It's based on the idea that if we don't get control or we don't stop doing x or y that bad things are going to happen. That's all fear. Whether we're talking about changing or improving policies or giving equal rights to minority groups, the idea that we shouldn't do those things comes from the fear of change. Remember, people often see change as bad because the mind creates the fear of the unknown. If I don't know what will happen or what it would look like, them I'm going to be afraid of it and try to stop it from happening. We're in a place now where we're not just trying to keep things where they are anymore, now we're trying to go backwards as a way of fixing things. It's running away from change on a whole new level.

I started this blog by promising transparency, so let's do that. We have 3 political parties in Canada; the Liberals (left and center-left leaning), the New Democratic Party (left and far-left leaning) and the Progressive Conservatives (right and far-right leaning). We do not have a center or center-right leaning party.  I am not identified with one individual party. As a general rule I will vote Liberal on the national scale and NDP (New Democratic Party) on the provincial scale. That said, I do employ strategy and if I see that a given party does not have the power to win, I'll place a strategic vote instead. For example, if the NDP don't have a shot, I'll vote Liberal if that makes more sense or vice versa. On the very rare occasion I will vote Progressive Conservative (PC) as well when needed, which I did in the past Federal election. For the most recent provincial election, I was sick with Covid and did not vote.

I believe fully in government funded social services such as disability, welfare, social security, education, and healthcare. These should be well-funded and equally accessible for all. In terms of things like disability and welfare, living wages should be offered. Nobody should be in poverty ever. I've been leaning more towards a universal income for all in recent years as a way of making sure that all are supported equally and fairly. If the only bar is the requirement to be over 18, then there is very little wiggle room for inequality.

I do not believe the government should be telling individual people how to live, who to marry, or what to say. The ability to make our own choices is important. As I've gone through my own healing journey, it has become clear to me that learning to leave people where they are is a critical step in the process. It's one of the main issues that I see in the world today. This is where some of what I believe shifts to the right. To do this as a collective we have to be open to all ways of being including viewpoints, ideas, ideologies, lifestyles, beliefs, conspiracy theories, and whatever else shows up. Trying to convert people doesn't work. Threatening people doesn't work. Censorship doesn't work. Fear doesn't work either because it just creates more fear in an equal but opposite direction. Many of the things that we see happening in the world right now would simply disappear if everybody would stop trying to shut other people down.

Climate change is an interesting one. Are we contributing to the warming of our planet? Yes. Pollution plays a role in that. Would our planet be warming naturally even without us adding pollution? Yes. Does pollution accelerate the naturally occurring warming? Yes.

Why do I think the planet would be warming naturally? Because at one time we had an ice age. The planet was frozen. Over a period of time we thawed out and most of the ice melted. That means that the planet is still warming up from that ice age and will continue to do so with or without us. Very likely somewhere far into the future the planet will cool off and freeze again and we will be in another ice age. The warming and cooling of the planet is normal and naturally occurring.

That said, we do play a role and have an effect on what's happening. I do believe we need to regulate the amount of pollution that we're throwing into the air. The goal here is not the stop the warming because that's naturally occurring. The goal is only to slow any acceleration of the warming that we might be creating via pollution. Earth is the only place we have to live so we might as well take care of it while we're here.

Lack is a human created construct. It is made up. We could feed the entire world tomorrow and those of us that currently enjoy stable food supplies would not suffer any loss at all.

We could create equality for all and nobody would have to lose or give up anything for it to happen.

We could create a universal income tomorrow, do away with the disability and welfare systems, pay out pension plans, put a million dollars into everybody's bank account and life would continue like nothing happened. No bank has ever refused a millionaire. Money will always be created as needed to keep the wealthy rich. There is more than enough to go around. They create the idea that money is finite to keep you in fear because in doing so it makes you think you need to work harder and compete with other people to get what you want. The whole thing is a giant lie and is based solely on fear and control.

Most of the systems in place in our world right now will collapse. They are collapsing currently, just look around for 5-minutes and you'll see what I mean. At some point, these systems will be replaced by other systems that are not based on fear, greed, and control. This is a very bumpy ride to be sure. Learning how to spot the stories and the fear to stay out of things is why I'm here doing this.

I think I've gotten to some of the major issues in the world today. There are things I didn't touch and may come back to later, but for now here you are.

It's okay to disagree with me. I don't care whether you agree or not. I'm not here to convert you. I want you to start questioning the fear that you feel around these topics. How much of what you believe is based on the fear of what if? How many worst-case scenarios have you created for yourself?

Do you want the truth? It'll be fine. Do you know how I know it'll be fine? Because it's always been fine before and even when it wasn't fine for a while it ended being fine later. Things will always work out eventually. Sometimes the process is bumpy and that's okay. Shift out of the fear. Question which of your beliefs are creating fear for you and change those. Question which of your beliefs are based on a need to control other people and change those too.

I'm going to use all these topics to start asking questions and identify stories. Am I going to trigger your fears? Probably. But honestly that's kind of the point. If I trigger your fear it's an opportunity for you to question the fear. When I see things in the world I question my fear around them and now I want to encourage you to do the same thing.

I hope you'll stick around and join in the fun! It's going to be a ride no matter what happens.

Love to all.